Monday, December 28, 2015

Apocalypse Meow - The End Is Nigh LP


Sex Sheet / Rad Girlfriend / Bigger Boat / Catnap / Night Animal (2015)

I ended up getting a few albums kind of late in the year and now I'm scrambling to get them reviewed in time for my end of the year list. Last year I posted my list on the 29th of December. This year, it's looking like the 30th will be when I'll be able to get it up.  I have to review today's record and one more LP for tomorrow.  There's a third, final album that I really should get to, but it's not going to be here in time.  I've listened to it enough times to rank it on my list, but it never got the proper review for the year that it should of because I held out hope for too long that it would eventually be pressed on vinyl.  The CD is now finally en route.

That being said, 2015 is ending on a positive note.  For today we have Apocalypse Meow.  They're a band with a silly name, but they are definitely not a jokey band.  The End Is Nigh is seriously good and I'm thrilled that Sex Sheet sent me this to review.  That's three for three from those guys; they are definitely a label to keep an eye out for.

If you have to categorize Apocalypse Meow, they definitely lean towards the pop punk end of the rock and roll spectrum.  They are not, however, one of those goofy pop punk bands singing about high school love problems.  The songs are tight, catchy and lyrically they stand out from the crowd.  One of the things I like the most about the album is the tone the band gets out of their guitar.  They eschew the big loud fuzz that you may expect from a band like this and instead employ a less distorted, but somewhat muddy tone that adds real warmth to their songs.  It sounds a little dirty, but it compliments the mood the band is creating on the album.

I honestly didn't go into this record with super high expectations.  Apocalypse Meow were a band I was aware of, but hadn't taken the time to listen to.  Aside from a goofy rap part in the middle of "Life Is Hard" that sounds like it was taken right out of the song "Tangerine Speedo" by Caviar, this is a great record top to bottom.  I wish I had a bit more time to spend with it before I make up my end of the year list, but rest assured,  The End Is Nigh will make the list.

Apocalypse Meow - The End Is Nigh:

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