Monday, December 7, 2015

The First Part - S/T EP (CD Single/Cassette)


Self Released (2014)

I stumbled across The First Part through fellow Texas band Gentleman Rogues.  As it turns out, both have members who were previously in a band that was active in the mid 90's called Jill.  I enjoyed those guys immensely and still go back to their their small, but potent discography all these years later.  While The First Part is not as straight up 1990's pop punk as Jill was, they still write supremely catchy songs and I really enjoy this first release of theirs.

This EP is available on two formats, a cassette and a CD single.  No vinyl, which is obviously the format of choice for me, but I'd rather have a CD any day of the week over a cassette only release.  So, kudos to the band for providing some options.  This EP starts out with the songs "Would Be Queen" and "The Catalyst."  Both are hook filled, mid tempo rockers that remind me a bit of Hospital Job if I'm going to make a current reference. Really good stuff.

Just when I thought I had The First Part pegged, the third song comes on, "Perfect Hair."  To me, this is totally different than the prior two songs.  It's heavy on harmonies and has a slight British Invasion feel to it.  It immediately makes me think of the Resonars and that is certainly not a bad thing.  Things wrap up with "Honor Among Thieves."  It's a great closing song with a driving rhythm section, jangling guitar riffs and soaring vocals.  A great capper to a very strong debut EP.  I hope to hear more from these guys soon.

The First Part - The First Part EP:

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