Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wavves - V LP - Purple Vinyl


Mom + Pop (2015)

V is the newest album from Wavves, though it's only the III one of theirs that I've picked up.  I've been paying attention since 2010's King Of The Beach.  Since then, Wavves has been a pretty reliable band for me.  While I don't think they've ever released a slam dunk classic of an album, they have a respectable catalog of songs and it's always a good time when I break out one of their records.

V starts off the way it seems that most Wavves albums start, with the very best song right up front.  "Heavy Metal Detox" is everything you'd look for in a Wavves song.  Upbeat, tight chorus, wacky lead riff thing...you could go so far as to say it's quintessential Wavves.  The rest of the album follows suit.  I would rank this ahead of 2013's Afraid Of Heights album, but it doesn't quite reach the level of King Of The Beach.

Chances are that if you are playing catchy, punk pop with big guitars and bigger choruses I'm going to like your record.  Maybe Wavves haven't knocked me on my ass with the perfect song, but there's something to be said for putting out three extremely solid records that are fun to listen to.  That's a formula that will get me to pick up the next record every time.

Wavves - "Heavy Metal Detox":

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