Monday, June 27, 2016

Charlie Continental - Time Cassingle


Snappy Little Numbers (2016)

While I say pretty consistently that I really do not like all of the cassettes that get released these days, I will freely admit that this Charlie Continental one is pretty neat.  They went all out and did the old cardboard cassingle packaging.  It reminds me of buying the Cypress Hill "Phuncky Feel One/How I Could Just Kill A Man" cassingle back in '91.

Anyway, Charlie Continental doesn't sound much like Cypress Hill, but you could argue that he has a similar nasal delivery style like B-Real does.  If anything it reminds me a bit of Nobunny and bands of that ilk.  The two songs on this cassette are quick, one minute long poppy blasts.  Both of them sort of sound like TV show theme songs, which is funny, because after I thought that I looked on the Snappy Little Fingers website and found that the A-side of this tape, "Quit Wastin' My Time" is actually the theme song of a TV show on TruTV called "Those Who Can't."  I have never seen it or even heard of it, but I guess I was right in thinking these songs sound like theme songs.

I like both of the Charlie Continental songs well enough, but I really have a hard time getting all that excited about one minute long songs.  They come and go before you know it and while both are good, neither are spectacular to the point where it doesn't matter that they are so short.  They just seem like catchy little jingles more than anything else.  If Charlie Continental has some longer songs to release in the future, I would be curious to see where they could take everything with just a little more time.

Charlie Continental - Time Cassingle:

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