Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cut Worms - Don't Want to Say Good-bye 7"


Randy (2016)

I was pretty pleased when Randy records had sent me a pack of records to review a few weeks ago.  Even though I ended up not really liking the Heavy Times 7" they put out, this Cut Worms 7" has really won me over.

I hadn't heard of Cut Worms previously, but as soon as I put this record on, I was immediately taken back to being a kid when my dad was listening to the Everly Brothers.  In particular the moment that stands out is when my dad was listening to "Cathy's Clown" over and over again trying to learn the bass and all of the lyrics (he was in a cover band with my uncle and a few of their friends).  As a result of this, I developed an early and long lasting appreciation for the Everly Brothers and that song especially.

Cut Worms fits right into that same mold.  With gentle instrumentation as the backing, the main focus is on the vocals and the tremendous multi part harmonies coming out of both songs on this 7".  The recording fidelity isn't lo-fi or hi-fi, but it's kind of old-fi and sounds like a pristine relic from another time.  While I'm not sure this is the sort of 7" I could see myself listening to repeatedly, I do enjoy it quite a bit and would definitely check out future records that Cut Worms release.

Cut Worms - Don't Want to Say Good-bye 7":

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