Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Obleeks - S/T LP


Good Land (2017)

Always on the hunt for new records, I stumbled across Obleeks when I read somewhere that Amos Pitsch of Tenement had produced this self titled LP.  I took a chance and it's a pretty solid success.  

The album starts out with two absolutely stellar songs: "After The Sunrise" and "Have You Thought About Me Lately?"  Even if the rest of the record was awful (it's not), this album would be worth picking up just for these two songs.  The band is playing shimmering, harmony drenched guitar pop.  The hooks are in all the right places and the backing vocals on the chorus of "Have You Thought About Me Lately?" are a thing of goddamn beauty.  They actually remind me a lot of the old SpinART band Poole, who I always thought were criminally underrated.

After that opening salvo, things do take a turn for the mellow as the rest of the album rolls on.  There's quite a few totally solid slow to mid-tempo songs that have nice arrangements and vocals.  They're not exactly setting the world on fire, but when you come across a track like "I'll Wait," it's hard not to get swept up in the song's carefree and breezy guitar chords.  It's a pretty strong record overall and a nice enjoyable listen.  I think that the album is pretty front loaded, but there rest of the album has some quality moments as well.

The Obleeks - S/T:

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