Monday, November 27, 2017

Wood Chickens - Countryside LP - Green Vinyl


Big Neck (2017)

If we're judging books by their covers, I have to say I pretty much nailed this Wood Chickens album I was sent to review without ever hearing a note.  I mean, the band is called Wood Chickens, the album is called Countrycide and there's an animal skull and some cactuses on the cover.  Plus, I had reviewed a 7" by these guys a few months ago, so that probably helped a little bit as well.

It was somewhat comforting to put this record on and hear exactly what I was expecting.  Wood Chickens are playing a caffeine fueled take on country music.  But this isn't your modern day country ballads or even your dreary NPR alt-country nonsense.  Countryside is thirteen songs of shit-kicking, hillbilly rock and roll.  They remind me a bit of Southern Culture on the Skids, without the greaser vibe.  

A better touchstone is Slim Cessna's Auto Club as Wood Chickens have a similar feeling of authenticity.  I can't say I like this as much as Slim Cessna, but this LP is much better overall than the 7" I had previously reviewed.  I'm not sure Countrycide is in my wheelhouse enough for this to end up being a frequently played album, but it is a fun little excursion into something different.  Plus it would provide an excellent soundtrack if I ever felt the need to chase some moonshiners on dirt covered backroads.

Wood Chickens - Countrycide:

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