Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Your Pest Band - Something Never Changes 7"


Brassneck / Snuffy Smiles (2017)

It blows my mind how prolific Your Pest Band is.  It feels like they have a new release out constantly.  That's not a complaint mind you, the fact that I consistently am able to listen to new songs by these guys is the sort of problem anyone would be lucky to have.

As usual, this release shows off the diverse styles of Your Pest Band.  Opening track "Something Never Changes" is a mid tempo slice of jangly guitar and earnest vocals.  It some ways it actually reminds me of Tom Petty, but Your Pest Band keeps things rough around the edges. Great song.  Next up we have "Gas."  This is my favorite of the bunch with its fast, distorted guitars and old school Snuffy Smiles style pop punk hooks.  When Your Pest Band goes down this path, few are better.

Finally we have the nearly seven minute long "Gravity Force."  This is a song really testing the limits of what can fit on a 7", that's for sure.  It's slower and more deliberate than the other two songs, but no less potent.  I can't say that I tend to favor songs quite this long usually, but Your Pest Band manage to hold my attention better than most.

All three songs are definitely worth checking out and to mirror what Scott has said on the Brassneck website, this is actually a fantastic record to use as an introduction to the band.  With their massive discography, it can be intimidating to try to figure out where to jump in.  I recommend this 7", it gives you a sample pack of the sounds that Your Pest Band is best at.

Your Pest Band - Something Never Changes 7":

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