Tuesday, March 27, 2018

60' Whales - Hyper Speed 7"


Anti New Waves / Chapel Hill (2016)

This 7" was another record that I got while I was in Japan.  I remember being surprised that it was on Anti New Waves as I wasn't sure that the label was still going at that point.  I guess they are and it's a good thing to as this 60' Whales 7" is great.

It very much reminds me of Cigaretteman.  Maybe not in how it sounds like the older Cigaretteman songs that I love, but the four 60' Whales songs on this 7" paint a picture of what I kind of think Cigaretteman would have sounded like if they didn't break up back in the 90s.  The songs are upbeat and melodic with alternating boy/girl harmonies in the vocals.  The two singers couldn't have more dissimilar voices, yet they really compliment each other and make this 7" something special.

I couldn't find this 7" available to stream anywhere online, but I did find a teaser video of a couple of excerpts from these songs.  You don't get the full effect for sure, but I think it's all you'll need to hear to get a vibe for how great this record is.  From what I'm able to look up, this 7" is the only thing that the band has released aside from a demo.  Hopefully there's more to come.

60' Whales - Hyper Speed 7" (Trailer):

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