Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hurry - Every Little Thought LP - Red/Yellow/Blue Tri-Color Mix Vinyl (/300)


Lame-O (2018)

This will be the third Hurry record that I've reviewed over the years.  They are a band that I always like picking up something by and I tend to listen to said record pretty passionately for a few months.  Then it seems to drift into the background and I don't go back to it as often.  This isn't something exclusive to Hurry, simply due to the sheer amount of records I tend to buy, there are a lot of things that I listen to often at first and then less often as the years go buy.  

On Every Little Thought, my initial thought is that Hurry may have broken that streak with this record.  It's a pretty damn great record that, right now anyway, feels like it will have some staying power.  Hurry straddles the line between the the glorious 90s pop of The Posies and the more subdued stylings of the Pernice Brothers.  I tend to favor the songs that lean towards the rocking Posies side of the spectrum like "Read Between The Lines" or "Jamie."

Top to bottom this is Hurry's best record.  It's consistently enjoyable all the way through and even the slower songs that I don't like quite as much as the faster ones are all pretty good.  I think Every Little Thought will sound even better when it gets a bit warmer outside.  This feel like the kind of record that would really be a great listen when you're driving around at night with the windows rolled down.  

Hurry - Every Little Thought:

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