Monday, March 26, 2018

Saturday Night Karaoke / Felix! (The Band) - Yes Band Photo Vol. 1 - Split CD


Waterslide (2017)

Once again playing homage to the 7" artwork that Mutant Pop used to use, Waterslide records has put out a split CD with two bands that would have fit right in on MP back in the day.  I do think it's a little odd that the bands alternate songs back and forth on the split.  I guess I'm just more used to each band's songs on a split being clustered together.  It doesn't really matter as even though each band are undeniably playing pop punk, you can tell the difference between the two instantly.

Saturday Night Karaoke are from Indonesia and they really have perfected the sort of bubblegum pop punk that takes its influences from basic Ramones-y chord progressions and simple, sing song melodies.  It's pure pop music, the sort you would have definitely heard on Mutant Pop and kind of reminds me of older bands like Groovie Ghoulies (without the sci fi) or The Riverdales.

The other half of the songs are from Felix! (The Band). I'm more familiar with these guys having written about their full length a little ways back.  They're even better on this outing as their Zoinks! style songs have gotten more dynamic and exciting since their last album.  The energy that the band captures in their two minute blasts is something special and their harmonies are approaching Hum Hums level sophistication.   Great bands, great songs, great split.

Saturday Night Karaoke / Felix! (The Band) - Yes Band Photo Vol. 1 - Split CD:

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