Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Gallery Night - I Want To Die Here 7" - White Vinyl


Big Neck (2018)

This little slab of noise comes via Big Neck records.  Gallery Night recorded a bunch of songs and then split them up on 7"s over three labels; Dusty Medical, Tall Pat and Big Neck.  I can't speak for the others, but the three songs on the Big Neck 7" are something.

I'm not use to hearing this sort of thing in 2018.  The sludgy guitars and pounding drums make me thing of 90s institutions like Hammerhead, Karp or the noisier moments of Unwound.  The production in particular is great, with deep, throbbing bass and perfectly mixed vocals that you can hear above the roar, but don't end up being a bunch of unrecognizable screaming.  

While I'm always happy to have more bands that bring back the 90s heyday of varied and intense rock and roll, this 7" just doesn't quite hit me as hard now as it may have if I'd heard it twenty years ago.  That's not to say it's bad or not well done for what it is, it's just not something that I see myself listening to all that often.  If you were a bigger AmRep fan than I was, your milage may vary.

Gallery Night - I Want To Die Here 7":

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