Monday, October 1, 2018

Clearance - At Your Leisure LP - Clear w/ Blue Splatter Vinyl (/100)


Top Shelf (2018)

I've been waiting so very patiently for this new Clearance LP.  Ever since the band's debut album topped my 2015 year end list I've just been craving more.  For At Your Leisure, Clearance has changed their label to Top Shelf and from what I've seen has gotten a lot of advanced press for this record.  The weird thing is, while reading this press I've noticed is most people seem to be allergic to saying the word Pavement.

I have freely said that Clearance sounds a lot like Pavement to me, both due to their jangly guitar sound and the laid back vocal delivery.  This record does feel like a slight update in sound from their last LP.  The songs are a bit more straightforward and less likely to meander off into instrumental explorations.  But everything is still quite catchy while capturing a vibe that is calming and exciting all at the same time.  That said, they still give off a really strong Pavement-y vibe at the end of the day and I will always love them for that.

With a gun to my head, I would probably say that I liked Rapid Rewards a bit more than At Your Leisure.  It's a little rougher around the edges and charming as a result.  Plus I've been listening to it pretty nonstop for the past three years, so there is a built in familiarity that gives it an advantage.  At Your Leisure is a strong follow up that's packed with great songs.  Definitely one of the better records I've heard this year.

Clearance - At Your Leisure:

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