Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cross Brothers - Living On Sheepheads

Just Because (2018)

I don't feel like I have anything particularly interesting to say about this album.  I like it.  It's got a bunch of pretty good songs on it.  It never gets overly loud or crazy, it's never slow and boring and from start to finish it's really pleasant.  But for whatever reason when trying to figure out a way to describe what it is I like about it, I keep finding myself at a loss for words and comparisons.

It's generally pretty catchy, with really nice jangly guitars that reminds me just a little bit of Title Tracks, but then again not really.  The same kind of sensibility is there, but the bands go in totally different directions.  Sometimes I think a couple of the songs sound a little bit like Tom Petty, but then just as quickly something will happen in the song to completely change my opinion.

I will say that the songs I like the best are "Back From The Dead,"Where The Water's Fine" and "Hard Earned Trap."  Go check those songs out at the Bandcamp link below.  I feel like there's a pretty good chance you'll enjoy if you're reading my dumb website.  Maybe you'll think of a better way to describe it and start up your own website so I have something to read.

Cross Brothers - Lining On Sheepheads:

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