Monday, October 22, 2018

Headsparks - Vs. The Metric System CD

Fixing A Hole (2017)

I few weeks ago I wrote about another Headsparks album called Beastro.  This time out, we've got the band's most recent release, Vs. The Metric System.  As I said last time, it seems insane to me that this band has existed for as long as it has without me being aware of it.  I've said in the past that I'm probably slipping a little as I get older, I think Headsparks are Exhibit A in that argument.

Vs. The Metric System is another amazing album of the kind of melodic, UK punk rock that I've been going crazy for the last twenty-five years.  Headsparks manage to isolate everything that I love about the 90s era of Hooton 3 Car style punk, but it a way that never sounds dated or pandering for nostalgia.  The songs on this album are immediate and urgent sounding, with blistering guitar blasting its way throughout.  The hooks are incessantly catchy and honestly I just can't say enough about how great each of the songs are.

If anything, the only thing I wish were different would be for there to be a vinyl version of this album.  I'm very happy to have the CD in my collection, but there's a warmness to the sound of Headsparks that makes me think would sound even better rocking out from my turntable.  Still, no matter the format, this is great, great stuff.

Headsparks - Vs. The Metric System:

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