Monday, May 17, 2021

Red Devil Ryders - Pour Me Another One LP


Just Because (2021)

The first thought I had when I opened up the package that contained this record was that it looked like one of the old Flying Burrito Brothers LPs from my dad's record collection.  While I wouldn't ever go so far to compare Red Devil Ryders to the Brothers Burrito, the art did give me a hint that there would be a countrified leaning to the proceedings.  It's not overt or wandering into an alt-country NPR snoozefest, but it colors the direction of the album.  And I mean that in a good way.

With the muddy guitar tone and the rollicking nature of the riffs, I'm reminded a lot of W.H. Walker and their incredible Suds! album.  There's also times where the melodies really come to the forefront and in those moments I think that a tour with Red Devil Ryders and The Goodnight Loving would make a lot of sense.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that this sort of country lean has roots in old fashioned outlaw country and would be better placed next to your Slim Cessna records than it would next to any Jay Farrar LPs.

I do tend to like this the best when the tunes are fast.  "Elvins' Piano," "Smoked Blunt Blues" and "Wings on Monday" are the standouts to me, but the entire record is really consistent and weaves a good story from start to finish.  This one is an early stand out for me in what has been a somewhat lackluster year for new records so far.  Check it out.

Red Devil Ryders - Pour Me Another One:

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