Friday, May 7, 2021

Rocket Bureau - Middle Angst LP


Overdue Miracle (2021)

Kyle from Rocket Bureau reached out to me and asked me if I wanted him to send me a copy of this record to write about.  I think this is a better approach than when a random band that obviously hasn't ever read my website sends me something that I'm destined to hate. This way, I can let them know if it's worth them sending out a copy to me.

As soon as the lightning fast opener "Disconnected" fired off, the first thing I thought was 'holy shit, this dude sounds just like the singer from Travis Cut.'  By the time I was thirty seconds in to the second song "Not You" I was already writing Kyle back to let him know that I'd really like to get a copy to write about on this here dumb website.

Middle Angst is a strong guitar pop record.  That initial pop punk rock blast of "Disconnected" is something of a red herring as the rest of the album settles into a uptempo groove.  Lots of big choruses and fuzzy guitars.  There are times, like on "Bummer," where Rocket Bureau veers a little bit towards a rootsy, Tom Petty direction, but for the most part, think Fountains of Wayne style pop hooks with a dude that sounds like Chris from Travis Cut singing away.

This is the sort of record I could see flying under the radar for a lot of people.  I sure would have missed out on it if Kyle hadn't reached out.  But It's one going out of your way to give a listen to.  If you like the sort of nonsense I typically write about, this one might be up your alley as well.

Rocket Bureau - Middle Angst:

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