Monday, May 24, 2021

The Hamiltones - Dracula Invitational 1791 LP - Red Vinyl


Big Neck / Swimming Faith (2021)

It's really cool to finally see a full length album from The Hamiltones.  I've been a fan since they dropped a demo tape in my lap quite a few years ago and to see them upgraded to full length vinyl on record labels with some notoriety is a wonderful thing.  Add in the fact that the artwork is great and the music is stellar and you've got an entry for one of the best records I've heard this year.

To me, The Hamiltones have always been a weird (in a good way) amalgamation of The Ventures and The Hex Dispensers.  Yeah, they are playing surf music.  But what The Hamiltones are doing is taking that initial spark, running it through a horror movie filter and turning into a sound that['s much darker and ominous, but retains that surfy vibe that keeps the record bouncing along.  This is not dour music, this is something dangerous could be lurking around the next corner - so keep your eyes open.

There's also a kinship here with the Swami John Reis and The Blind Shake album from a few years ago.  Dracula Invitational has less fuzz and distortion than Modern Surf Classics, but there's still that deep, heavy vibe that I just absolutely love.  Listening to this album is such a good time and I hope it helps get The Hamiltones the attention that I think they've been deserving for quite some time.

The Hamiltones - Dracula Invitational 1791:

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