Monday, February 14, 2022

Cheap Freaks - Live at the Olympia Cassette


Big Neck / Primitive Screwhead (2021)

We're at tape six of eight from the Big Neck/Primitive Screwhead folks and this time out we have a 2013 set from Cheap Freaks.  This is another great sounding recording.  The levels are all nice and balanced, you can hear the vocals clearly without them overpowering everything else and in particular, the keyboards sound great.

Cheap Freaks are trading in the sort of stomping 60s-ish sounding rock and roll that makes me think of bands like The Sonics.  There are hooks all over the place, but they never soften the kinetic tempo that the band is churning out.  The show itself sounds like it was probably a blast as the band is just humming along and full of energy.  The drumming stands out as being particularly excellent.

After six tapes of live recordings, I don't know that I'm changing my opinion of live albums as a whole (typically never been a huge fan), but I'm warming up to the idea that it is possible to capture some exceptional performances that are definitely worth preserving.

Cheap Freaks - Live at the Olympia:

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