Monday, February 28, 2022

The Hamiltones - Live at the Jungle Gym 2/22/2014 Cassette


Big Neck / Primitive Screwhead

I've been saving this tape for last.  Here we are at tape number eight of eight from the Big Neck/Primitive Screwhead package, The Hamiltones.  I have been lucky enough to have been following The Hamiltones since I got their first cassette on More Power Tapes back in 2015.  That label sent me a lot of stuff (it looks like they've gone dormant since about 2018), but The Hamiltones were far and away my favorite thing that they ever sent.

This live tape is from a show in 2014 and it mostly features songs from that first More Power demo tape.  The recording quality is OK for what it is.  As they're an instrumental bands, there's no vocals to worry about balancing so that's good.  It gets a little muffled here and there when the band really kicks it into high gear, but it's a perfectly serviceable recording.  

To me, what it really shows is how great of a live band The Hamiltones must be.  This was recorded in 2014, before their first tape even came out, and the crowd is hot and totally up for everything they're doing.  Now that they have some proper releases under their belt, I can only imagine how they'd be able to engage a crowd that really knows their songs.  This is a fun tape and there's a reason I wrote it up last.  I'm the sort of person that tends to save the best for last.

The Hamiltones - Live at the Jungle Gym 2/22/2014:

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