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Moron's Morons - Go Pop! 7" - Orange Vinyl (/300)


Big Neck (2023)

There's something about the bold colors and the vaguely 60s retro aesthetic that made me pretty sure I was going to like this 7".  There's a lot that can be said about book/cover judgments, and a lot of those judgments can be wrong, but I think there's often a success rate that isn't discussed that much.  Can I tell that a record is good by looking at it?  No, but I can usually make an educated guess that's probably right more often than it's wrong.  And if it's wrong, I tend to find it's because the record is better than the cover suggests, not the other way around.

I'll say right of the bat that Poland's Moron's Morons do not have my favorite vocals in the world.  There's a bit of blown out moicrophone fuzz on them and they definitely lean towards a gararge-y snarl.  But they work in the context of the songs and the songs are quite good.  

I would never say these are straight up pop songs, but there's enough pop sensibilities to their stripped down rock and roll sound that they do hold my attention.  Maybe the hooks aren't the biggest, but there is an inherent catchiness to the guitar riffing that goes a long way with me.  If you like the poppier moments of the 90s Estrus catalog, there's probably a pretty good chance you'll be able to get down with Morno's Morons as well.

Moron's Morons - Go Pop! 7":

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