Friday, April 5, 2024

the 'tone - Wide Eyes and Nonsense LP


Broken Rekids (1999)

It's a little wild that this record is finally getting into my collection in the year 2024, which for the math majors out there is a staggering 25 years after it was released.  The reasons it took so long are pretty simple.  I had all of the 7"s that make up this compilation of 'tone songs and I also have the CD version of this comp.  Problem is that I don't really listen to my 7"s all that much (this is mostly due to storage issues, so if anyone is in NJ and wants to help build a bunch of drawers for/with me, please let me know) and I also don't play my CDs all that often, to be honest.  So it seemed like I needed to finally get this on LP for maximum stereo enjoyment.

These songs are all so much fun on this record, with the band taking nods from The Jam, The Clash and The Specials in songs across the album.  It's almost all upbeat and fast paced with just a hint of ska energy bleeding in every so often.  The lyrics are great and the guitar riffs are top notch.  If you can listen to album opener "This is a High" and not smile and bob your head, you very well may just be dead inside.

It's tough to describe just how enjoyable it is to listen to this record.  I don't see how it couldn't lift your spirits while it's playing and that is a mark of a well written record to me.  Does anything on here reinvent the wheel?  Nope, and if it tried to it wouldn't be anywhere near as great as it is.

the 'tone - Wide Eyes and Nonsense:

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