Friday, April 19, 2024

Swami and the Bed of Nails - How Are You Peeling? 7"


Swami (2024)

Following up on Monday's Shock and Awe 7", this one is the one that is being sold exclusively at Swami and the Bed of Nails shows.  I picked it up last week when I saw the band play in Philadelphia at a venue that I have never been to before, but one that was in a part of town where it seems to have car shaped statues lining their streets that don't move or offer any opportunities to park a car that you happen to be driving.  We found a spot eventually, got to see a great show and pick up this record.

Like the  Shock and Awe 7", the A side on this one, "How Are You Peeling?," is slated to be part of the upcoming Bed of Nails full length.  This song has some big, Swami style riffage to it and, to me, sounds very familiar in a Night Marchers sort of way.  If there was a third Night Marchers record, I wouldn't have a hard time seeing this song slide into that track list.

The B side on this 7" is exclusive to this release and won't be on the full length.  It's called "Honesty" and while it also gives me some Night Marchers vibes, it's a very different beast than "How Are You Peeling?"  "Honesty" feels a bit more epic, with piano being a big part of the overall song structure.  There are guitar chords that ring out and a catchy, chorus that certainly lends it self to a bit of singing along.  It kind of makes me think of the song "Panthers in Crime" a little bit, but only because it has a slightly similar feel.  It doesn't sound like that song at all and it's not as slow, tempo-wise, but there's something about it that makes me feel like the two songs are kindred spirits to an extent.

Two great songs, four if you count the other 7", that are making me very anxious to hear this new Bed of Nails record.  I'm hopeful that 2024 will feature a deluge of Swami related material as I'm also eagerly awaiting the second Plosivs record that had been discussed a couple of years ago.

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