Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Record Store Visit: Headstand - El Paso, TX - 12/26/11

In addition to posting pictures of the records I buy, I figured it may also be interesting to document some of the record stores that I go to, particularly when I go to a new store in a new city. My wife is from El Paso, TX, so when we went to see her family for Christmas this year, I asked if we could go to the local record store. We ended up at Headstand.

In addition to selling music, Headstand is very much a head shop. They sell lots of paraphernalia for "tobacco use." I wasn't interested in that side of the store, so I spent some time on the music side. As far as their CD selection goes, it's very much a shop with its main focus on alternative rock. I didn't see too much in the way of obscure bands, but they had the larger ones covered. But when it came to vinyl, the selection was limited to used records. I think that this store has only recently started selling vinyl. I almost picked up a record by the Association that was in pretty good shape, but it wasn't a find that I thought would be worth trying to bring home on an airplane. Most of the rest of the used vinyl was in pretty rough shape.

So I didn't get anything at Headstand, but for me, it's just always nice digging around in a record store I've never been in before.

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