Saturday, December 17, 2011

Samiam - Trips LP - White Vinyl

Samiam - Trips LP - White Vinyl

I was never all that into Samiam during their heyday. I'm not even sure why.
There was so much great new music back then, I guess they just didn't jump
out at me. It's also possible my tastes have changed. Regardless, I really
like their new album Trips, and I'm going to give their back catalog another
chance. Any recommendations where to start?


  1. I recommend going backwards. Try "Whatever's Got You Down" Then "Astray" then "You Are Freaking Me Out"... All are good.

    Checking out your blog... we actually have similar taste - to an extent. RFTC is the best and I loved the steady stream of vinyl coming from them. although I didn't worry about different colors of vinyl if I had a first pressing... but maybe when I run out of other things to buy....

  2. I'd recommend the first seven inch and Soar. Then Clumsy...which is probably "the" Samiam album for me.