Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Collection: Chisel - 7"s & LPs

These days, Chisel is most famous for being the band Ted Leo fronted before he hooked up with the Pharmacists, but when I was buying these records, Chisel was simply one of the best bands going. Chisel had a jangle-y, mod-pop sound that really stood out at the time and it absolutely formed the basis for the tunes that Ted Leo is crafting these days.

The first album I ever heard by them was 8am All Day, and from the first few notes of the first song, "Hip Straights," I was hooked. I scurried around trying to pick up whatever vinyl I could. And while I still absolutely love everything Ted Leo is churning out these days, I'll always have a special place in my heart for these records

Chisel - Nothing New EL 12" - Gern Blandsten - Black Vinyl
Chisel - 8am All Day LP - Gern Blandsten - Black Vinyl
Chisel - Set You Free LP - Gern Blandsten - Black Vinyl

Chisel - Swamp Fox - Assembly - White Vinyl
Chisel - Sunburn - Gern Blandsten - Black Vinyl
Chisel - The O.T.S. - Darla - Black Vinyl
Chisel / Brian, Colin, And Vince - Split 7" - Sudden Shame - Black Vinyl
Chisel - It's Alright, You're O.K. - Gern Blandsten - Black Vinyl
Chisel / Van Pelt - Split 7" - A.K.A. - Black Vinyl
Chisel / Velocity Girl - Split 7" - Shute - Black Vinyl
Chisel / Tuscadero / Frodus / Bloodnation - Squirrel Compilation 7" - Level - Clear Vinyl

Chisel - Hip Straights:

Chisel - On Warmer Music:

Chisel - The Mutable Mercury:

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