Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dan Sartain - Too Tough To Live LP

One Little Indian (2012)

First off, kudos to One Little Indian for putting this out on vinyl. When we never got Dan's last album, Dan Sartain Lives, on vinyl, I was worried the label would keep letting me down. But now that we did get Too Tough To Live on vinyl, it would be great for One Little Indian to backtrack and put out Dan Sartain Lives as well.

On to the record. This is a very different Dan Sartain record. It's full of short, fast Ramones-y punk songs. All of which are catchy as hell and delivered with such genuine enthusiasm. It's a fantastic record, and if it were by anyone other than Dan Sartain, I'd be totally thrilled. However, it's a lot different from Dan's usual twangy output and if I'm being truthful, I prefer those songs. Again, not saying anything bad about this record, but I hope Dan goes back to his more soulful material next time around.

Dan Sartain - Indian Massacre:

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