Monday, April 2, 2012

The Men - Open Your Heart LP - Screened Cover /250

Sacred Bones (2012)

There are so many reasons I shouldn't like this record. Long guitar solos, Songs where the singer yells a lot, a large amount of predominately instrumental tracks. But for some reason, I love this record. It probably helps that there's 3 absolutely killer songs over the course of the LP, but even the ones that I normally wouldn't be into fit perfectly in the context of the album. The album is bristling with energy, slipping into chaos every so often, but it always comes back around and delivers. Definitely one of the bigger surprises for me this year.

Definitely check out the title track, which I have embedded below. I liked this song so much, I went out and hunted down the wacky, limited version of this record.

The Men - Open Your Heart (Via Soundcloud):
The Men - Open Your Heart by sacredbones

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