Thursday, April 19, 2012

Collection - Chopper - LP & 7"s

Chopper was a great buzzsaw fast punk pop band from the mid 90's that called the UK home. Coming from a scene chocked full of incredible bands, they immediately stood out to me back in the day with their lightning fast guitar playing and super melodic vocals. Though they didn't end up releasing records for an extended period of time, they managed to churn out a nice little discography. The singles are essential and the album is quite good too.

I was pretty lucky and got to see the band play in 1997 (along with Skimmer and Crocodile God) at a show in England, I only wish my Chopper shirt had held together better after all of the washings it went through over the past 15 years.

Chopper - Last Call For The Dancers - Crackle - Black Vinyl

Chopper - Said And Done - Crackle - Black Vinyl
Chopper - Self Preservation Society - Crackle - Black Vinyl
Chopper - Porcelain - Crackle - Black Vinyl
Chopper - For Youth And Valour - Crackle - Black Vinyl
Chopper / Broccoli - Split 7" - Crackle / Rugger Bugger - Black Vinyl - w/ Photocopied Sleeve
Chopper / Blew - Split 7" - Crackle - Black Vinyl - Black and Yellow cover
Chopper / Blew - Split 7" - Crackle - Black Vinyl - Black and Green cover
Chopper / Blew - Split7" - Snuffy Smile - Black Vinyl

Last Call For The Dancers on colored vinyl (I've seen it, but never had the chance to buy it. Get in touch if you have one to sell).

Chopper - One More Day:

Chopper - Porcelain (live, kind of crappy though)

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  1. Absolutely great band, I only have black vinyl on last call too. I saw them with skimmer and slum gang. From this scene Reverse from Stoke were fantastic too.