Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kent State - The Wrong Side Of History LP - Blue Vinyl (/100)

Debt Offensive (2013)

I don't get many records sent to me to review, and I understand why. This site is pretty much just meant to give me an outlet to talk about all of the records I buy. Naturally, I wish more labels sent me free records, especially when I'm unable to grab some thing I really want due to budgetary restrictions, but that's not why I do this. I do get the occasional record for review. Typically 7"s and I always get excited that a like minded soul sent me something. It's very rare to get an LP so, when this Kent State record showed up, I was even more amped.

This LP collects a few out of print Kent State cassette only releases. This is something I applaud, let's get those cassettes on vinyl. The band is playing psyched out rock songs that at times, really shine, but at times get lost in the swirling wavy production. There's a thick pile of fuzz on top of all the vocals and there are a few songs where the band lets things get a little too out of hand for my taste; with guitar solo led tangents into even more distortion.

The songs that are a bit more straightforward are the ones that stand out to me like "Disconnected" and "Crashing Satellites." I can't help but feel if the band toned down the effects just a bit, there would be some truly great songs on this record.

But honestly, that's more my burden. Even though the psych revival isn't really my thing, I know a ton of folks that love this stuff and it's definitely one of the better psych leaning records I've heard. If nothing else, the band has a passion and an energy that really takes over this album. A lot of bands sound like they're just going through the motions, Kent State doesn't fall into this. The Wrong Side Of History feels like a great deal of thought and care went into crafting every sound on the record.

Kent State - The Wrong Side Of History:

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