Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Red Dons - Notes On The Underground 7"

Grave Mistake (2013)

Now typically, I really would have gone straight to the label and ordered the new Red Dons 7" direct from them so I could have picked up the limited colored vinyl version. But I was already ordering from Green Noise records and needed to come up with 4 more dollars to qualify for free shipping. This 7" was just sitting there, begging me to buy it. So I did. Perhaps a bit of me as a variant hunter died today, but I think that's probably overstating things a little.

The 7" itself is fantastic, as one would expect from Red Dons. They are one of the most consistent bands I've known these last few years, churning out their distinct dark, downstroke heavy punk rock. You can probably liken them to The Wipers or The Estranged or maybe Hot Snakes a little, but Red Dons have an edge when it comes to writing hooks over all of these bands.

It's been quite a while since Red Dons had a new full length, and though they've had some great 7"s, I'm certainly ready for a new LP. Hopefully the band is working on one right now. I'll definitely go out of my way to get the wacky variant of that when it comes out.

Red Dons - Notes On The Underground 7":

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  1. Grave Mistake has a colored vinyl version offered on their website. Just thought you would want to know.