Thursday, January 8, 2015

Even Hand - Even Hand LP


Mandible (2013)

This album was just another one of those records I picked up on a lark.  Whenever I order a record direct from a label, I try really hard to go through their distro list and add to my order.  It takes the sting of shipping costs out of my main purchase and I'd like to think kicking a few more bucks to the label is helpful in some capacity.  I can't remember what part of their description made me pick up this album, but I am quite glad I did.

I'm never going to be offended if I'm accused of being too into 90's sounding bands.  I will own up to that right away, I love the 90's musically and Even Hand would have fit in nicely during that decade as well.  Their debut is a little bit indie rock, a little bit post punk but every song just has a killer hook.  They have the noisy guitar work of an Archers Of Loaf type band, but the vocals are completely different and don't have that Eric Bachmann rasp to them.

Typically I'm one to gravitate to the faster, poppier songs on an album and Even Hand delivers a show stopper in "The More It Shows."  But, I find myself going back to some of the slightly slower and more textured songs on the record like "Down The Lighted Strip" and "I'm Not Concerned.  It's just a great record overall and I'm a little bummed that it took me this long to discover these guys.  It looks like they just released their followup album digitally on Bandcamp. I don't see any mention of it coming out on vinyl, but I sure hope some label gets it together and puts that out.

Even Hand - Even Hand:

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