Monday, January 5, 2015

Screamfeeder - Kitten Licks LP - Red Vinyl


Poison City (2014, Reissue)

Kitten Licks is one of my very favorite records of the late 90's.  Though it originally came out in Australia in 1996, I first heard of it when it was reissued in America in 1999 by Time Bomb.  I'm not sure that Screamfeeder ever made it out of the used promo bin back then, but for me and a handful of likeminded friends, this record was just amazing.

It had super catchy, fuzzed out guitar work that built a foundation for the male/female vocal interplay of Tim Stewart and Kellie Lloyd.  Nowhere is their chemistry more evident than on on their masterpiece of a song "Dart."  Over a start/stop guitar riff, the two engage in some incredible call and response melodies.  This is a song that was put on mixtapes for years after the fact and it's just one of the many, many highlights of this album.

Screamfeeder was around for a while and put out quite a few records in Australia during their time. While everything of theirs that I have heard is pretty good, Kitten Licks is just something special.  Poison City did a tremendous job with this reissue.  The vinyl sounds top notch and the packaging looks sharp.  I like that they used the original Australian art (Which they should as the band, the original label that released the record and Poison City are all based in Australia) instead of the wacky purple tornado that adorned the American version.  

You may not be familiar with Screamfeeder, but they are well worth going out of your way to listen to.  Conveniently, the album is up on Bandcamp to check out, so make with the checking.

Screamfeeder - Kitten Licks LP:

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