Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Remember The Radio - Owls From The Firewater LP


Self Released (2014)

I don't really get a whole lot of records sent to me to review and even when someone sends me a record rarely is it a full length album.  Not only did Remember The Radio send me their newest release, but they also sent their two prior LPs as well.  That's a lot of music by a band to go through in one sitting, so I'll have to get to the other two at a later time.

Owls From The Firewater starts off slow.  Really slow actually.  I wouldn't say in a bad way, but it definitely has a Sea Change era Beck vibe to it.  From the acoustic guitar to the plaintive distant sounding vocals, it's pretty spot on.  Now an album full of that could have been pretty annoying honestly, but luckily Remember The Radio has more than one trick up their sleeve.

As the album goes on the songs get louder and fuller.  The acoustic guitar gives way to fuzzy electric.  The drumming becomes more intent and hard hitting and I guess the singer moves a little closer to the microphone.  Tempo wise, Everything remains pretty slow for the duration of the album, but there is some variety thrown around.

That being said, I really can't say I like this album all that much.  It's not bad, but it never grabs me and screams at me to pay attention.  I find that it tends to just play in the background as I lose focus and start working on something else.  Owls From The Firewater is decent listening, however it never really rises above decent for me.  Maybe if you can get down with ten pretty slow songs in a row this will be more up your alley. I need bands to step on the gas every now and then.

Remember The Radio - Owls From The Firewater:

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