Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Blues Brothers - Briefcase Full Of Blues LP - White Vinyl


Music On Vinyl (2014, Reissue)

This will mark the third time that I've written about Briefcase Full Of Blues on this website.  A brief recap of what was previously written: This is the single most influential album I've ever had.  It's the first record I owned and without exaggeration, I've listened to it thousands of times.  I can't say enough good things about the music.  It's really one of those records that I think everyone should own.

As far as this reissue goes, I'll mostly be comparing it to the other recent pressing that came out in the US on Friday records.  This white vinyl version is only available as an import and of course, comes with a healthy price tag because of that.  The white vinyl is pretty neat looking and unlike the Friday version, Music On Vinyl uses the red, white and green Atlantic records label.  I couldn't tell you why that is so important to me, but it is.

The sound quality of both reissues are really top notch.  The Friday version may sound slightly better, but I'm really just splitting hairs as both are comparable and either version would spruce up any collection that's missing this essential record.  Keep in mind that the Friday records version is also on the pricey side, but will probably be easier to find than the Music On Vinyl version.

The final verdict?  I obviously have them both and I don't think I could settle with one or the other.  The Atlantic Records label on this version tips the scale slightly for me, purely because of nostalgia.  But anyone would be happy with the Friday records version as well.  I don't know, I suggest you buy as many blues albums as you can.

The Blues Brothers - Hey Bartender:

The Blues Brothers - Almost:

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