Thursday, July 9, 2015

Brat Kings - Good Drugs 7"


Hosehead (2015)

Bands from Canada really scratch a particular kind of itch that I have.  They have this amazing ability to take basic pop punk song structures and melodies and dirty them up with enough garage fuzz that it washes away any chance of a saccharine experience.  Brat Kings are another in this fine tradition.

The band is absolutely not afraid to bust out some unapologetic "oooohs" and "ahhhhs" to drive home the catchiness of their songs.  Don't get too comfortable though, as that loud buzzsaw guitar is just lurking around the corner to remind you that these guys can tear it up when called for.  Both "Good Drugs" and "Water Melons" have big hooks and great guitar work.  They kind of remind me of a dirtier and less stoned version of Mean Jeans.

This is a record definitely worth going out of your way to grab.  If you like your punk rock pretty catchy, but a little scuzzy, then Brat Kings are going to scratch that itch for you as well.

Brat Kings - Good Drugs 7":

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