Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sweatshop Boys - Always Polite Never Happy 7"


Twintoe / Crapoulet / SP (2015)

At this point I've gotten a respectable number of records sent to me to review.  The gems are few and far between, but this 7" is notable for three reasons.  One, it's the first record I've been sent from Israel. Two, it's a band I already know and love.  Three, it just absolutely kills from start to finish.  This is a hell of a little 7" that you really should go out of your way to track down.

We've got 4 new Sweatshop Boys songs on this record.  Each of them bringing something slightly different to the table, but all of them bringing the sort of high energy, catchy punk rock that I just go crazy for.  You can hear a bit of the Marked Men in the rapid fire chord progressions.  There's a hint of Sonic Avenues in the vocals and a a few moments of Red Dons style downstroking.

Basically the next stop for these guys should be Dirtnap, so if that's the sort of thing that floats your boat, this is a 7" you need to grab immediately if not sooner.  It's really the kind of record that just absolutely brightens my day and cuts through all of the bullshit out there.  Dear Sweatshop Boys, never split up and put out some more records as soon as you can.

Sweatshop Boys - Always Polite Never Happy 7":

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