Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Soaks - S/T Cassette


Riot House (2015)

If you read my website, you probably know how much I love the band Mrs. Magician.  Well, if I hear about one of the guys in the band having another project, I'm going to be buying that other project.  That's how this Soaks cassette ended up in my hands.  Lead by Jordan Clark, this is the band's debut release since a somewhat recent name change from Grand Tarantula.

There are surfy elements to the band, so it's not that far removed from the sort of sounds that Mrs. Magician has been dabbling in.  That's not really a spot on description of the band's overall style.  There are some songs that are much more in line with Mark Sultan-esque grimy doo wop sound while others remind me more of a King Louie/Missing Monuments garage throw back.

What the band has no shortage of is fun, catchy songs.  It's the kind of record that just screams to be popped into the tape deck of your 1989 Chevy Caprice station wagon and blasted around town with the windows rolled down.  I would love to see this album saved from cassette hell and put out on vinyl at some point.

The Soaks - The Soaks:

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