Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sweet Baby - It's A Girl LP - Pink Vinyl (/250)


Eccentric Pop (2015, Reissue)

Punk rock vinyl reissues are in full swing these days.  I can't say I mind too much.  Sure there are some that have been cluttering up the pressing plants, but then you'll get a reissue that helps you pick out a long out of print record for a pretty cheap price.  I've been eyeing up the Sweet Baby album for quite some times.  I keep a casual eye on eBay and on Discogs, but they tend to sell for 30-40 dollars in general.  At that price, I just never picked it up.

I'm a little young to have caught these guys the first time around.  I had first heard of them when Lookout rereleased the CD back in 1996, but even that got lost in the shuffle for me.  A few years ago I started to listen to Sweet Baby again.  Their early refreshing take on pop punk is just so much fun.  Let's not split hairs, this record sounds old as hell with its tinny production and all.  You'll never accuse this record of sounding slick, but it just sounds like a good time.  Basic, catchy songs about girls and falling in love filtered through Ramones colored glasses.

The reissue sounds good, but I've just got to say that I hate the artwork.  If you were going to reissue the record and chose to not use the original artwork, I don't know why you would settle on this simple little line drawing and some off center text.  It's really kind of weird and it makes me feel like I can't take the original off my wants list now.  Hopefully the price will come down a bit on a first pressing since this reissue is out in the wild.  I'm glad it's available and cheap, but with this art it just can't replace having an original for me.  Oh, this came with a bonus 7", but I'll write that up on it's own.

Sweet Baby - "Gotta Get A Girl":

Sweet Baby - "Year After Year":

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