Tuesday, June 30, 2015

John Wesley Coleman III - I Feel Like A Sad Clown 7" + Windian Box Set - Clear Vinyl


Windian (2015)

With its sixth record, the Windian Singles Series #3 box set really goes out with a bang.  As with everyone in this series, this is my first time hearing John Wesley Coleman III and once again, I like what I hear.  Although I had heard of him before, this is my first time actually listening to any of his music.  Windian has done a pretty tremendous job gathering all of these bands together. While they all bring completely different things to the table, they also have a cohesive enough sound that it makes perfect sense to have them all in the same set.

The first band that comes to mind when I put on this Coleman 7" is W.H. Walker.  A side "I Feel Like A Sad Clown" is a bass driven party song.  Despite feeling like a sad clown, Coleman manages to really bring a ton of energy into this bouncy, catchy track.

B side "I Found A Home" is a bit more straightforward, but still every bit as fun and exciting as the flip side.  With its lead keyboard line and howling chorus, I can't help but be impressed by this record.  It's pretty remarkable that Windian gathered all of these great bands together.  Rest assured I will likely be buying additional records by almost every single one of them in the future.  Well, provided they put out more records.  I've got some digging around to so.

John Wesley Coleman III - "I Feel Like A Sad Clown":

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