Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Colonies - Bleached Bones 7" - Gray Vinyl


33 Forever (2015)

I reviewed the cassette version of this New Colonies record a few weeks ago and to say I'm thrilled it has made its way to vinyl is a severe understatement.  They shaved off two of the six cassette tracks and present this four song 7".  I am hopeful that someone will rescue those two missing songs from the graveyard, especially "X's on the Eyes."  The four songs that did make the cut are all stellar though.

I will be repeating myself from the last review as far as the music goes.  New Colonies features Wes from Rumspringer and although they manage to keep up writing great hooks, this band is much more in the vein of Leatherface or Manifesto Jukebox.  Raspy vocal, palm muted guitars and gigantic choruses as far as the eye can see. They're one of the new bands I'm most interested in hearing more from and I hope this is the first of many, many records out of these guys.

Kudos to 33 Forever for rescuing these for songs from cassette hell, they are simply way to good to not get the vinyl treatment.  I highly recommend picking this record up.

New Colonies - EP (This is a link to the Bandcamp page of the cassette release, so there are 2 extra songs here):

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