Monday, June 15, 2015

Pale Angels - Imaginary People LP - Clear Vinyl


Recess (2015)

We live in a world where it is just so easy to hear new bands and consume albums.  Try before you buy is the norm and it would be hard to argue that's a bad thing.  That being said, I often practice my record buying as if I was still in the 90's.  I am constantly buying records that I read a decent review  for or someone recommends to me without listening to the whole thing first.  Usually I'll try to sample at least one song, but I'm still very much of the mind set that you should take chances with your record buying.

Most of the time, it works out pretty well for me.  The vast, vast majority of these records end up being just what I wanted.  However, every once in a while I manage to land a real stinker.  Enter Pale Angels.  I saw this pop up as a new Recess records release.  They're a label that I tend to trust and the description sounded pretty good.  Plus I was able to listen to one song that I liked so I grabbed it.  I wish I could figure out what the one song I had listened to prior to ordering this record, because I sure can't find it now.

While this album certainly isn't terrible, I don't really like it at all.  The songs all kind of just drone on and on.  There's a few faster ones that aren't so bad, but even those aren't particularly exciting. The vocals are scratchy and kind of scuzzy, but not in a good way.  They just end up sounding like the singer is bored and can't be bothered to enunciate.  

Often on this website I write about how much I like a band with a real 90's sound.  Well, Pale Angels fit into that category a bit, but I'm mostly being reminded of all those bad grunge bands that I didn't like in high school.  Hey, I can't pick a winner every time.

Pale Angels - Imaginary People LP:

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