Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Purple 7 - Jewel Finger LP


Self Released (2014)

You may be impressed by the pedigree of this band as it features members of hot shitters like Landlord, Hot New Mexicans and Defiance, Ohio.  It's fine to be wowed by this credentials, but what you should really be impressed by is the actual record that these folks have managed to put together.  I received Jewel Finger out of the blue in the hopes that I would review it for this website.  As long time readers know, typical submissions tend to run the gamut from 'eh' to 'meh.'  In contrast, Purple 7 is quite good.

The label that is hosting the Bandcamp stream of this album is called Basement Pop and that's a pretty accurate description of what's on this record.  Kind of jangly and kind of fuzzy, but still catchy and structured.  The songs have a vaguely rootsy feel and reminds me a bit of Modern Machines or maybe Nude Beach.  Not quite so heavy on the Tom Petty worship and somewhat more ramshackle, but definitely a similar vibe.

They deftly weave from punchy ragers like "All The Dogs" into more laid back tracks like "Jewel Finger."  The album never sounds choppy and always flows very naturally from one song to the next.  It's a true album in that regard, not just a mish-mash of songs thrown together.  As you can probably tell, I like this album quite a bit and it has turned out to be a nice surprise.  And bands or labels putting out records this good, please flood my mailbox with albums to review.

Purple 7 - Jewel Finger LP:

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