Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Blind Shake - Fly Right LP


Slovenly (2015)

I'm stuck in a bit of a conundrum when it comes to The Blind Shake.  I really dig these guys, so I keep buying their records whenever they're released.  The problem in that is I have a difficult time describing them.  Whenever I take to this website to try to describe them, I feel like I can never really articulate why I think they're one of the best bands going.  Just rest assured, this is another top notch release from the second best band in Minnesota (though I think Dillinger Four should really put out a new record if they want to keep that crown).

Fly Right is another example of The Blind Shake's mastery of the guitar.  Few bands can wield an axe quite like The Blind Shake and they tear through the album's nine songs with a focused, intense fury that is something to behold.  From the straight up fuzzed out opener "Tar Paper" to the slowed down, surf tinged "A Clock, A Window, A Pyramid" to the jagged lead guitar riff on "Holy Road" this is a band that's at the top of their game.  And those are just the first three songs on the album.

There are a few surf inspired in Fly Right and the band is a natural fit for this sort of thing.  I'm not sure if this release was recorded before or after the band's collaboration with Swami John Reis for the Modern Surf Classics album, but this album strikes me a something of a companion piece.  Either as a band ramping up to the surf album or perhaps taking the influence of those surf songs into an album of their own.  Regardless, Fly Right is simply a hell of a record.

The Blind Shake - Fly Right LP:

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