Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DD Owen - Violent Pacifier 7" - Clear Vinyl


Windian (2015)

Round two of the Windian Singles Series #3 brings us DD Owen.  Like yesterday's 7", I can't say I was familiar with DD Owen before putting this record on and let me tell you, this thing knocked me on my ass when it started up. 

A-Side "Violent Pacifier" starts up with some extremely distorted guitar wailing.  I'm not enough of a gear head to be able to accurately describe what sort of effects are being applied to the guitar to make these noises, but the best I can do is say that it sounds like a guitar from outer space.  This coupled with the choppy vocals that have thick echo and distortion on them give the song an otherworldly feeling.  And this is the catchier of the two songs.

On the other side is "Setting Fire To Your Loft."  More insane guitar noises, more effect laden vocals and more aggressive than the first song.  I don't think I could go so far as to say I really like either song and I'm not sure that this is a 7" that I'll be spinning with much regularity.  But I do like some variety in my singles clubs.  You don't want a bunch of records that all sound the same.  DD Owen isn't really for me, but they certainly stand out from the pack.

DD Owen - "Violent Pacifier":

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