Thursday, June 25, 2015

Church Bats - Foreign Land 7" - Clear Vinyl


Windian (2015)

We're getting deep into the Windian Singles Series #3 box set at this point. Single number four is by a band called Church Bats. Another new to me band and another fun surprise out of this series.

Starting off with the A-side we have "Foreign Land." It's a full throttle, no nonsense rock and roll force.  We're talking old school, caveman hitting a log with a stick, repeating guitar chords and howling in a cave vocals.  It all works tremendously, giving the song a real intensity and energy that pours through the speakers.  Needless to say, I dig this.

On the B-Side the band puts forth "Half Man, Half Shellfish."  Despite its excellent title, the actual song isn't quite as exciting as you'd hope.  It ends up being a pretty straightforward instrumental number.  Nothing bad, nothing amazing; it's just there.  I think on an album, it would give a nice break hanging out towards the end of the first half.  As a standalone song on the 7", it's going to be compared unfairly to the killer A side.

All in all, another fun 7" out of Windian and I've got two more to go.  I'm going to try to get the next one done for tomorrow, but I may not be able to until Monday.  Regardless, you'll see it soon.

Church Bats - "Foreign Land":

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