Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spraynard - Mable LP - Orange w/ Splatter Vinyl (/200)


Jade Tree (2015)

Can you imagine buying a record on Jade Tree in 2015? I think the last thing I bought from them was probably the third Promise Ring album back in the 90's.  Anyway, it's good to see them with some skin in the game again.  Maybe not a label I immediately flock to, but the sense of familiarity you get with old school labels still kicking around is a nice one.

Mable is the third album from Spraynard, though the first two came out so long ago, they predate this website.  If you really sniff around you can find a couple of two sentence write ups of them from when I used to just post pictures of records on Flickr.  In everything I've written about this band, I compared Spraynard to Iron Chic or RVIVR.  I still think those comparisons hold up pretty well, especially when it comes to the vocal similarities to Iron Chic.  Both bands are very much playing a heart on your sleeve, fist in the air style of big anthem punk rock.

For this album in particular, I think Spraynard has really upped the ante with catchy choruses and big hooks.  Several songs venture into a poppier territory that is usually reserved for bands like Hospital Job.  Spraynard is right at home in this element and they've got a few corkers throughout Mable.  While I'll never contend that Spraynard is a can't miss band or that they are reinventing the wheel, Mable is a really fun record and likely the best thing they've released to date.  If you're looking for something to throw on in the car and scream along to at the top of your lungs, this may be the perfect record for you.

Spraynard - Mable LP:

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