Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Mandates - In The Back Of Your Heart LP


Hosehead / Taken By Surprise (2015)

This is the third of a three pack of records I picked up from Hosehead records.  They're developing quite the back catalog over there and this latest batch were all very strong releases.  The Mandates are a band that I've seen kicking around for a little while, though this is the first record of theirs that I've picked up.  If you want to hear some upbeat and poppy garage rock, it's going to be a smart pickup for you.

I immediately think of other bands playing similar styles of music when listening to this album.  You can hear similarities to Crusaders of Love, The Cry and Missing Monuments.  While The Mandates have crafted a supremely catchy record, I wouldn't say that it stands head and shoulders over a band like Crusaders of Love or The Cry.  They're no worse either, but I do tend to feel like I've heard this sort of thing before when spinning In The Back Of Your Heart.

One thing you absolutely cannot take away from The Mandates is the energy and enthusiasm that they've poured into these songs.  They all have an infectious party vibe to them and it's very easy to get sucked into the album.  Even though the critical part of my brain thinks I've heard similar ideas before, that doesn't stop me from tapping my toe or nodding along to the rock and roll music.

The Mandates - In The Back Of Your Heart LP:

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