Tuesday, August 18, 2015

V/A - Bullshit Detector CD


Snuffy Smile (1997)

At this point, surely you understand my love for the label Snuffy Smile (or as they're now known Snuffy Smiles).  They have released so many records that I simply adore and I've tried to make it my goal to own every record they've ever put out.  I'm doing pretty well with 7"s and I believe that collection is complete for the moment, but I am still missing a fair amount of CDs that they released.  Well, you can scratch one off the list and it's a doozy.  I've been looking for this CD for at least 15 years, probably a bit longer.

This compilation contains two songs each by seven different Japanese bands.  Some of my very favorites are represented as Blew, Lovemen and Navel are all featured.  A big bonus for me are two songs I didn't have from the band Middishade.  I've always really felt that this is a band that never got their due, having only a split 7" with International Jet Set and a split CD with Snatcher in their discography.  So having two new songs from them is a real treat.

The absolute highlight for me and the reason I've been looking for this CD for so long are the two Cigaretteman songs.  Cigaretteman has long been one of my absolute favorite Japanese bands.  The way they weave together their male and female singers and the flat out incredible songs they write just cannot be beat.  Again, a band with only some 7"s and compilation appearances to their name, I've been trying to complete their discography for quite some time.  I think there's a two demos of theirs that I don't have, but I believe I now have just about everything they've officially released.  I'll have to double check on that.

One day I hope to finally make it to Japan so I can dig through their record stores to try to complete all of my Japanese band and label connections.  For now, it's nice to have a small victory and one less record to dig for.

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