Monday, August 3, 2015

Zaga Zaga - 2 Songs Demo + 4 Songs EP 7"


Kus Kus /Lifeisafunnything / Shalush Cult (2015)

I received this record to review in the same package that contained that incredible new Sweatshop Boys 7" a few weeks back.  Because of how good that record was, I had high hopes that Zaga Zaga would follow suit.  My first waring that this might not be up my alley was when I looked at the record and saw that they had crammed six songs on to this 7".  Immediately I thought there was a change that could mean shouty hardcore.  Yep, I was right.

What we have here is six fast, screaming hardcore blasts.  I can't figure out most of the lyrics, but boy do they sound angry.  I hear some swearing here and there and in general all six songs just tear by with little difference between them.  They're all pretty much a loud blast of crazy guitar, the main singer dude screaming something in a deeper growl and then the other singer dude responding with a higher pitched screaming call back.  I'm not sure exactly what they're so angry about, but judging from the songs titles they're not particularly keen on dancers, a dog, food and a band.

Hardcore is just not my thing.  It's difficult for me to really enjoy something that is so lean on melody.  As far as hardcore goes, I guess this is fine.   As far as my listening habits go, I can't imagine playing this one again.

Zaga Zaga - 2 Songs Demo + 4 Songs EP 7"

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